Monday, October 11, 2010

PKCLC October 2, 2010 Lure Coursing--Best in Field!

Recently Isabella and Pharaoh debuted in the sport of lure coursing for sighthounds. It was an AKC trial held by the Pocatello Kennel Club in Blackfoot Idaho.

Both Pharaoh and Isabella passed their Qualifying Coursing trial enabling them both to enter in the actual trial itself.

As the only Irish Wolfhound and the only Afghan Hound competing in this day's event, they both won Best of Breed with scores of 40/50 points (first run) and 40/50 points (second run) for Isabella and 40/50 (first run) and 41/50 points (second run) for Pharaoh!

Since this was Isabella's first event and she had run 3 times already I decided to pull her from the Best in Field run.

Pharaoh still appeared to have plenty of running left, so along with 3 other dogs, I decided to enter him in Best in Field. He ran against a Scottish Deerhound in his run.

When they announced the Best in Field Winner

--the judges chose Pharaoh!!!!

What an amazing day for us! Both Pharaoh and Isabella had a great time and we took home lots of ribbons, toys for the dogs and a huge bed that we barely managed to fit in the car.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!
Isabella Qualifying Courser Run
Isabella running with a Scottish Deerhound
Pharaoh's Qualifying Courser Run

Pharaoh--Running big

Pharaoh's Golden Sunrise--Best in Field PKCLC October 2, 2010

Chaos killing the bunny

Best in Field run--Killing the Bunny


dmaismith said...

That is pretty exciting about Pharoah. You've obviously been working hard with Isabel and Pharoah.

dmaismith said...

I mean "Isabella".

Gryffindor Irish Wolfhounds said...

Congratulations to both. A thrill to see them run and have so much fun!