Friday, December 31, 2010

Closing Images from 2010

I wanted to leave everyone with some images 
I took today of the magnificence 
of icicles, dogs and cats...

These two images are from our honeysuckle vine right outside our kitchen door. With temperatures in the teens and twenties the last few days, we have an Icicle Waterfall--Amazing isn't it?

Some action shots of the dogs;
to get the best resolution, 
click on the image to enlarge it

  Aspen going in for the kill!

 Pharaoh leaping

 Isabella and Pharaoh playing hard as usual

Isabella racing to catch Pharaoh, 
but he is as fast as the wind!


Here are a few of the cats enjoying their organic catnip:

Cassie, American Shorthair

Merlin, our Maine Coon

 Piper--don't know what is with all the tongues showing, must be getting stuck-- LOL

Romeo, our Seal Point Snowshoe

And one last shot of Merlin, our Golden Girl at 14


 Isabella eating snow

Head Study of Pharaoh

Head study of Isabella, 21 months old

Here's to wishing everyone PEACE & JOY in 2011



sophie...^5 said...

Hi..I'm your newest follower from East coast Canada in Nova Scotia. Your animals are really beautiful. I had an Afghan Hound many years ago and seeing your dog has brought back many fond memories. The photos are spectacular specifically the 3rd, 4th and 5th ones. I really love the look in he eyes! So I hope don't mind my tagging along viewing your world. Cheers Sophie the Labradoodle.
Ok'd by Dad Ron!

Nanci D. Byers said...

Thanks so much for your post and kind comments about my kids. I get pretty lucky sometimes when it comes to capturing the dogs on camera. I'm glad to have you on board. Cheers! Nanci

lungewhipqueen said...

LOVE your head shot of Pharaoh. He's just gorgeous... and you take great photos!

I started my own blog, by the way. I think I'm going to enjoy the process.

Gryffindor Irish Wolfhounds said...

We really enjoyed the photos. Even of the cats! Hugs to our cousin Isabella from all of us!