Monday, December 31, 2007

Tomato Plants Ordered

Well it's still December 2007, and I just ordered my first tomato plants for 2008! Yes there is plenty of snow on the ground, in fact there will be snow on the ground when they are planted. I am giving Mother Nature some time, since the plants won't be arriving until the first half of April. I realize that I am still an impatient person, but summer seems a long way away right now. Speaking of tomato varieties, I went with some standbys this year: the heirloom Costoluto Genovese is wonderful. Sun Gold (cherry), Sweet Million (another cherry), and a Koralik (a third cherry) will be for snacking. And gasp, we are trying a hybrid from Burpee named Red Lightning. The variety from Burpee can be located on their site: Burpee The majority of the tomato plants we are purchasing come from Territorial Seed Company
I have been ordering tomato plants from Territorial Seed Company since2002. They have a really great product and stand behind their plants. One of the best products I have found for successful planting of early tomatoes are the Walls of Water and red mulch. Most everyone has heard of walls 'o water and they are just want they sound like. Several vertical tubes of water connected in a circle that slowly warm the soil and keep the plant within in a pocket of frost free air. Great! Red mulch is a plastic mulch that goes on top of the soil and helps the plants grow faster and also helps with tomato development. The color red is reflected up onto the plants and works with photosynthesis. Obviously that is not a scientific explanation. Can't wait to taste the first tomato of the season in June.

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