Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tug of War

Pharaoh is always ready to play! Isabella grabbed a Pogo Plush and Pharaoh immediately snatched a mouthful.

Who do you think won this round?


Gryffindor Irish Wolfhounds said...

hi! I am wondering whether Isabella is closely related to our wolfhounds ... what are her parents' names?

Nanci D. Byers said...

Sorry to get back to you so late, we just got back from the Cheyenne specialty. Isabella's parents are:

Sire: Nalaney J Connors Of Limerick - HP21729107
Dam: Nalaney's Aine Of Dundrum - HP13481004
Breeder(s): Dean Laney & Nancy Laney

I would love to hear back from you regarding your wolfies background.

If you need more pedigree info like further back, just let me know.