Monday, September 6, 2010

Cheyenne Specialty 2010

Isabella and I entered the RMIWA Specialty 2010 held at Lyons Park in Cheyenne, WY. It was our first specialty and seeing over 100 Irish Wolfhounds in one place was breathtaking. I met so many welcoming and lovely people who shared tips about grooming, stacking and showing in the conformation ring, even though we did not place, it was a wonderful experience. Randy was a real trooper and took pictures, set up and took down all the equipment you need for showing, and drove most of the time. We spent twelve and a half hours at the show site and it was a very long day. We stayed for the dinner and it was great to hear the judges comments. We did well, but I learned that I need to practice striding out to allow Isabella to show off her lovely movement. So both judges did not see her at her best. Here are a series of pictures from the show.





Gryffindor Irish Wolfhounds said...

hope Isabella had fun!

Gryffindor Irish Wolfhounds said...

Our wolfhounds are closely related to Isabella ... for starters, her Dad, Connors, is our Blake's brother. :)

Nanci D. Byers said...

She was actually pretty stressed, but she relaxed when I sat on the grass with her. This will all take getting use to. The next show I am taking her to is only 30 minutes away, and we are going to go to the show site, groom her, put on her show lead and trot her out for a few minutes. Then we are going to pack up and leave. I want her to start associating showing with good things.

I will keep you posted.


Nanci D. Byers said...

That is so cool about them being related. What part of the country are you in? What is Blake's registered name? It would be fun to compare pedigrees. I can send you a PDF of Isabella's if you like.


Gryffindor Irish Wolfhounds said...

We're in Inland Southern California. Uncle Blake's pedigree can be seen on the Limerick website, by looking at the pedigree of his brother Cash. Nearly all our wolfhounds are close relatives of Isabella's. For example, Liberty, now showing, is a cousin. Her Dad is McEnroe, who also is a brother of Isabella's Dad Connors. Liberty's pedigree can be seen by looking at the Z litter pedigree on the Glenamadda website in Canada Yes, we like to make shows a fun outing. Lots of treats and shopping for toys. And getting socialized, all good training. Handling class also makes it fun.